Saturday, 16 April 2011

Green almond salad

I think after the winter everyone is longing for a bit of sun and fresh food.  Long gone are the heavy dishes of winter.

Whole green almonds, before their hard shells are formed, sometime between the third week of April to the second week of May are just right for this citrus salad.  You have to time it right or you can be too early or too late.  It is crunchy, the interior is still soft and has a slightly sharp taste.  Perfect for this salad

I made it with rocket but that is what I had in the garden but it could go with other types of lettuces

fresh peas
1 orange
1 lemon
4 whole green almonds

wash rocket, shell peas, remove peel and pith from orange and lemon and thinly slice them along with the almonds and arrange all on a plate

make a dressing with the juice of a lemon, teaspoon of honey, sprig of mint, chopped and olive oil

drizzle over the salad and season with fleur de sel

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  1. What a great summer dish!!!! I couldn't think of a better dish to bring life back to yourself after working in the sun. Fresh, tangy and full of flavour!!
    Madam Poupin outstanding